Galaxy Supernova

Welcome to Galnova. This site was created by Keith Harvery Jeter. I created both the code and artwork. Take a look around.

Gods V. Men
The Legend of the Cursed Twelve
"The Legend of the Cursed Twelve - Cast The Legend of the Cursed Twelve portrait by Keith Jeter

Galaxy Updates

Hi I'm Keith and I have an endless amount of creative thoughts in my head. I have been working on getting those ideas out as of late. Beyond UI design, I am working on full books of characters based off of my my original stories and would like you join me for the ride. This site will be the conduit so visit often for updates.

Ultra Gallery

All of my latest characters. I am always working on new IG pieces so check back reguarly.

Theming & Design Updates

I've isolated and resolved UI/UX and accessibility issues. Bootstrap 4 and Angular are functioning as expected.

Resume Enhancements

There are new works and skills I've added and I will continue to improve. Take a look and maybe we can network.

Character Creation

I'm working on a massive port of all of my character designs to this new site. The code crunching continues!

Social Media / Contact Info