Galaxy Supernova

Hi I'm Keith and I have an endless amount of creative thoughts in my head. I have been working on getting those ideas out as of late. Beyond UI design, I am working on full books of characters based off of my my original stories and would like you join me for the ride. This site will be the conduit so visit often for updates.

Designer Updates

Portfolio updated. Also UI/UX and accessibility issues isolated and resolved. More UI/UXcontent being added daily so check back soon.

Instagram Updates

The Instagram feed is still active below. It shows my most recent 20 posts. I am currently working on more pieces for IG so check back soon.

Resume Updates

There are new works to celebrate. There's so much more to come. Please either download my resume above or go there to see the changes.

Character Updates

Portfolio updated. Working on a massive port of all of my Instagram work to my live site. I have started to port but it will take some time to finish.

Social Media / Contact Info